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Spiral ducts for HVAC systems

In a modern HVAC system it is very important to install high quality ventilation system elements. The high installation and operating costs of the HVAC system require very strict requirements for the duct system. The ducts must meet a high degree of tightness, durability and ease of installation. Each implementation of the requirement and installation of a high-quality product allows for the lowest energy costs during operation. Easy, convenient and quick installation of duct systems saves work costs.
Only using the highest quality materials and correctly dimensioning can we produce round system elements of tightness class C according to LST EN 12237 standard. The double seal EPDM gasket allows access to this class without the use of additional sealing materials. We produce round elements from Ø100 mm to Ø1250 mm in diameter. Assembling the elements into a single duct system results in a continuous product where the gaskets touch the inner surfaces throughout their entire area, thus closing any possible air passages between the joints. The profile of the gasket is made of materials and a special shape that makes attaching and joining the elements easy and does not require a lot of effort, but the system already requires a lot of effort to disassemble.
All materials are inspected in the manufacturing process to determine if the gaskets are of unbroken material or of the required dimensions. A variable height gasket profile is used for different diameters due to the greater tolerance limit. The manufactured product is tested with a caliber for dimensional suitability.