Ventilation systems
production of elements

SINCE 2008

About us

UAB „MK Technika" started its activity in 2008. The main activity of the company is production of ventilation system elements (ducts and fittings). Production is sold not only in Lithuania, but also exported to EU and Scandinavia.

Mission - Improve indoor microclimate and protect human health.

Vision - To be a well-known and modern manufacturer of ventilation systems. Always be eco-friendly and just.

Objectives - To meet stakeholders' expectations and satisfy their needs. Implementing innovative solutions.

Values - Supply only quality goods and products, continually improve and actively participate in the partnership. Conduct trade in a flexible and transparent manner.

560 000
Produce ducts
per year
350 000
Produce parts
per year
1 200 000
Use galvanized sheets
per year
We work together