Smoke ducts - Multi

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Ducts are one of the possible ways of spreading fire. Reliable fire and smoke ducts and their proper installation are essential to stop the spread of fire from the fireplace to other areas, to provide safe escape routes, to remove smoke from a burning room and smoke after a fire. First and foremost, giving people enough time to safely leave the building and the firefighters to come, and preserve material assets. Fire resistant ducts PG and smoke ducts DS, are round and rectangular steel ducts with technical specifications other than ventilation ducts. Only a common system between the correct use of the metal part and the use of mineral wool thickness provides the necessary protection in the building. Ducts shall maintain their geometric dimensions so as to ensure the smooth operation of the exhaust air or smoke of other rooms in the event of fire. Due to the high temperatures prevailing in the fire, ducts are made stronger than conventional ventilation ducts, and are joined, sealed, and insulated by other materials that were used during the initial system test and passed the fire resistance tests in accordance with the standards.