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Rectangular ducts for HVAC systems

Rectangular ducts are used with or without round ducts. Often, rectangular ducts allow for a much lower system height where such a solution is needed. Rectangular ducts can also be made with a relatively large cross-sectional area, which makes it difficult to produce round ducts. The manufacturer undertakes to produce ducts, which must meet a high degree of tightness, durability and ease of installation according to the requirements of the standards. Easy, convenient and quick installation of duct systems allows you to save on labor costs, which is why we always recommend purchasing ready-to-install products. Rectangular elements are manufactured using LST EN 1505 “Ventilation for buildings. Sheet metal ducts and fittings of rectangular cross - section. Dimensions ”as required by the standard. Elements of the duct system are suitable for low and medium pressure systems. All elements are made of reinforced molded sheet metal. If high corrosion protection is required, the elements are made of stainless steel sheets. The rectangular system is very sensitive to the change in pressure and its size. The ducts and elements of the rectangular system are less pressure resistant and most of the elements of the rectangular system are manufactured by reinforcing internal stiffeners. Also all rectangular ducts are made of corrugated sheet metal. Sheet forming enhances the shape of the surface, makes the ducts less flexible and more easily withstand pressure changes. The formation of the sheet can also reduce the noise of the rectangular system when pulsating flow passes through it. Corrugating and additional stiffening with internal stiffening elements allow the production of rectangular ducts in accordance with the strength requirements of LST EN 1505 standard.